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Provisions for new Colony fleet holding

P-A-T-H-F-I-N-D-E-R / Oct 05, 2017

If you take time to gather up provisions for the fleet's new colony holding, you will note that even if the projects are filled or on timer ... They have added a "Coffer" tab next to the leaderboard under the colony section of our holdings.

What this means is that at any time, you are free to deposit the provisions you get via the new queue mission or by doing the hourly provision missions at the colony itself.

Just go to the tab and deposit them into the coffer and you WILL receive fleet credits for it!

Help us develop the colony by depositing the provisions you collect today!


-- Hoq'nej of House Henej

aka. Mike Tripp
Joint Forces Command

P.S. --) If you haven't yet done so, head over to our new website today and register so that you can help and be a part of the rebuilding of our glorious fleet!


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